Classical Ballet

What is Ballet ?

Ballet is about art, but it is also about life. Classical Ballet technique was established centuries ago in the courts of Europe, and it has been evolving ever since as dance teachers, artists and researchers refine approaches to training and add to the vocabulary of steps and movements that are unique to the ballet discipline.

Ballet dancers are fit, strong and flexible, and they are lifelong students. They take class every day of their lives to keep in shape, to maintain the quality of their style and technique, and to enjoy the community of other dancers. To be able to perform at the best of their ability, dancers need focus, commitment and a capacity for hard work.

The creation of a Ballet starts with an idea or a movement which is nurtured, tried out, modified, tried again, talked through, tried again, refined, practiced and presented, then reflected upon and finally remembered.

Ballet is exciting to do, and to watch.


Ballet Kids Class

Ballet for kids

Learning ballet from an early age is particularly beneficial as young children are far more receptive than adults. they find it easier to learn and also have far fewer inhibitions so it’s far less likely that they feel insecure or embarrassed about preforming a particular move. with the emphasis on play, learning ballet can also play a significant role in the mental and emotional development of children. your child will be both physically and mentally challenged which will help focus their mind and maintain their interest.

Ballet Adult Class

Ballet for adults

Although many professional Ballerinas start at an early age, it’s never too late to learn ballet. adult ballet classes offer a fun way to tone and tighten your body while learning the fundamental techniques of ballet.

Taking part in an adult ballet class is good for your body, as well as your mind. Beside promoting cardiovascular fitness and good posture, ballet is very enjoyable by people of all ages. follow your passion and try a ballet class today!


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