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Here we tell our story, so we don’t ever forget and cherish what we’ve been through as a growing family. :)

Once Upon A Princess

Our recent grand concert, Once Upon A Princess on 3rd December 2016 at Ice Palace Concert Hall, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan.

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Mid-Year Concert & Graduation Ceremony

The pride of our ballerinas in excelling their examination and receiving awards, together with the Mid-Year Concert performance, "Musical Journey from 70s to 80s".

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The Magical World of Disney

It's our prime, successful & memorable concert at Ice Palace Concert Hall on 6th December 2014!

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Ballet Trial Class

well, everything have a beginning, and october 16, 2012 is our first trial class, our starting line :) we have a small group of people come and we start it right away. it's always nice to meet people with the same interests...

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