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Art Director

Melissa Pratama, ARAD, RDTS is the founder of Kemang Dance Center. She has more than ten years of experience in teaching ballet and is a registered ballet teacher at Royal Academy of Dance, London. She has been passionate with ballet since her early years, joining her first ballet class when she was only five years old. Throughout the years she has completed her Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Graded Examination as well as her Australian Teachers of Dancing Advance Technical Examination. After her accomplishment as a ballet dancer, she embraced the challenge of becoming a ballet teacher in 2004 and began to teach in several dance schools as well as international schools in Jakarta.

Co Director

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena is a passionate educator who has over 10 years teaching and managing experiences in educational sector. She holds a graduate degree of Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Warwick, UK. Her previous work experiences were Ballet Extracurricular Coordinator and Curriculum Head of Physical Education, Art & Drama for early years level at one of IB international schools in South Jakarta.


Manager and Teacher

Terin Tanadi started dancing when she was 10 years old, inspired by her sister performing classical ballet. As she grows up she took part in many performances and won several dance competitions. She has been passionate with dancing by taking several ballet, jazz and contemporary dance workshops. She holds a bachelor degree in finance from Kwik Kwian Gie – School of Business and where she serves as the financial and operational manager of KDC management and shop as well.



Mariska_02 Mariska Febriyani, ARAD trained in ballet from the age of 10 at Namarina Dance Academy. In 2008 she completed her Advanced 2 in Royal Academy of Dance, UK. After graduated in Psychology from Atma Jaya University, she took a certified course in professional classical ballet and contemporary dance at Ev and Bow Full-Time Dancing Training Centre in Australia. In 2012, she got accepted as a company dance at Bangkok City Ballet, Thailand. In the following year, she founded a non-profit foundation called Ballet.id with other five young Indonesians to provide opportunities for Indonesian talents to develop their dance professional path, where she serves as the Founder and Executive Director as well.

Vinicia TanVinicia Tan has been passionate with ballet since her early years childhood. She has achieved Advance level in Royal Academy of Dance, UK. In addition, she has dedicated her teaching career in education sector for  over 10 years. She has been teaching ballet at several prestigious dance schools and international schools in Jakarta, and organizing dance performances in large-scale events.  She enjoys traveling and food culinary.


BeatrixBeatrix El Eveny started learning ballet when she was 10 years old. After taking part in many performances, she decided to progress to teaching. In 2011 she started teaching ballet at BBDS (Brenda Ballet and Dance School) and several schools in Jakarta. She has completed her intermediate level in Royal Academy of Dance, UK.



Peter Gloriano Kaihena is a talented, dedicated and passionate dancer and choreographer. He holds a bachelor degree in Sports Coaching from Jakarta State Univeristy, and also a Black Belt 2nd DAN Taekwondo. He has started to teach hip hop dance at some well-known sports centers in Jakarta such as Celebrity Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Fitness Center since 2005. He has been assigned as a personal choreographer for several famous actresses and singers in Indonesia and teaching hip hop dance for children and teenagers at several international schools in Jakarta.


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